Course Instructor & Retreat Facilitator

AsiRiana Rasa

Originally from Japan, AsiRiana has been a professional singer-songwriter, producer and a life long musician working with some of the top music industry professionals. Later in her journey pursuing success in her music career, a tragic circumstance with two near death experiences has placed her on a completely different path. AsiRiana heard her calling as an empath and a healer. She took a deep dive into her own healing process addressing of her childhood trauma, clearing her ancestral wounds, and transformed her health, body, and mind. ​ Today, her mission is to help and inspire others to heal themselves, opening up the portal of abundance and being in the alignment with their life purpose to live a more fulfilling lives. Over the years, AsiRiana has been actively hosting many healing events and workshops all over Southern California. She have co- founded Healing Sound Alchemy, OC Ecstatic Dance and enjoys holding space for the communities. She recently launched transformational retreats where she hope to reach more people creating positive impact while she travels around the world.
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