Introducing The Aligned Chakras Manifestation System

If you are struggling to get the Law Of Attraction to work for you, tried countless visualizations, done many pages of scripting and have yet to see any results or even worse, started repelling the things you want, then this is all you really need to know...

  • Even if you've tried the Law Of Attraction methods before but never really got them to work for you.

  • Even if you have failed, started to repel or even manifested the things you didn't want, or you tend to have difficulty keeping them.

  • Even if you have a hard time feeling positive consistently and can't always maintain the higher vibrational state.

The Aligned Chakras Manifestation System will show you

  • What you'll need to know about the chakras and how it will impact your external reality.

  • How to eliminate unwanted thought patterns, habits and limited thinking that are detrimental to attracting and manifesting the life you want.

  • How working with a certain sound frequencies, a safe, effective and scientifically proven brain entrainment technology can drastically help to rewire your brain, create new neural pathways that will set you up for success!

How serious are you?

To manifest the love, the body, the fulfilling career that you want, and to live your dream life? Why not have it all?

What if you could be able to let go all the negative thinking, mindset and be able to replace it with all the positive ones?

Are you ready to experience some breakthroughs with manifesting? Here's how!

  • Lifetime access to course content & tools

    You’ll get the step by step system to rapidly heal, balance your chakras so you can start to attract and magnetize what's your soul is truly desiring from the highest place.

  • Learn the LOA hacks. From "Trying Hard" to embody the effortless "Being" state

    Learn the 3 surefire ways to The Law Of Attraction working to your advantage, shift your consciousness and reality to start manifesting with confidence.

  • Cut through all the noise and master transformation

    No more wasting time and energy scripting or vision boarding only to get disappointed and exhausting yourself. (Not saying those things never works but you would want to know much more effective ways to do it don't you?)

The Aligned Chakras Manifestation System

A powerful 3 step systems to Renew, Rewire, Reprogram your mindset, your vibrational frequency, and to upgrade your identity so you can start to attract and magnetize what you want in life!


Manifest the love you want, the body you want, a fulfilling career, and to live your dream life!

  • Step 1

    Cleanse your aura, cord cutting, clearing and balancing your chakras so that you'll have a much better foundation to start attracting as well as developing an intuition which can greatly enhance your manifestation ability.

  • Step 2

    Reprogram your subconscious mind, master your emotions rather than reacting and vibrating from fear and lack mentality. You will learn about the difference between sending out the wrong signals to the Universe from what it takes to be in aligned state. Master "beingness" to embody the frequency as it's already happening.

  • Step 3

    Fully integrate into a "Creator Consciousness" by tapping into "The Law of Assumption", causing you to literally shift your identity and start accessing the "future self" who has already attracted your desired outcomes.

Before you try all the Law of Attraction techniques out there just think about this. Will you build a house on a unstable foundation? Your chakras are like the energy portals to our physical manifestation.

Here's what you'll get

  • Self Guided Video Course

  • The Aligned Chakras Manifestation Worksheets

  • Healing Chakras Meditation Guide Book

  • Chakra Planner

But wait there's more...

Get these additional bonuses too!

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These are the powerful additional tools to help you with your manifestation journey.

  • Confidence Booster Hypnosis Audio

  • Theta Brain Wave Meditation Audio

  • Manifestation Journal & Planner

  • Access to our private FB group for community support

The Aligned Chakras Manifestation System + The Bonuses (Total Value $558)

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The Aligned Chakras Manifestation System + The Bonuses

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AsiRiana Rasa

Your Manifestation Coach

Hi I'm AsiRiana. I'm a certified Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, Wellness & Mindset Coach. Discovering sound and energy healing was truly a game changer in my life. I've been obsessed with the Law Of Attraction. I've connected the dots through studying NLP, Hypnosis, breath work, nutrition, brain entrainment, sound frequencies and I've discovered  by combining all of these amazing modalities can rapidly transform people.

 It has now became my passion to shared what have greatly transformed my own life and helping others with their transformational journeys.