A 3 Day Virtual Retreat to harness your power to Heal, Transform and get Activated into High Vibrational Living

Renew Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Is dealing with stress weighing you down? How long have you been struggling feeling hopeless? You've been wanting to change your life but how exactly? Are you overwhelmed where to start? Do you feel absolutely trapped? I know exactly how that feels and this is why I created this online virtual retreat. It'll be a far better chance at succeeding when you have the support working with a coach who's mastered its techniques, and an accountability with fellow participants who are on the healing and transformational journey just like you!

Heal. Transform. Upgrade.

The Ultimate Wellness At Home Experience

What you'll learn from the High Viber Virtual Retreat

  • You will have a crystal clear clarity and purpose in your life​

  • Learn practical tools to raise your vibrations to attract and manifest more positive outcomes into your life

  • Learn about the foods and lifestyle choices that will boost your immune system, assists in self healing, promote anti-aging and enhance productivity so you can put more energy and power into creating what matters

  • Learn about the chakras, auras and heightening your intuition

  • Become better at managing your stress, anxiety and master transmuting negative thoughts and experiences into fuel to accomplish more

  • Let go of your unwanted habits, patterns and create new habits for a lasting change from the subconscious level

  • Release your traumas and energy blocks

  • Rewire and re-program your brain for success with powerful Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages and Sound Frequencies.

  • Learn to transform your life by mastering your thoughts

Virtual Retreat at your Home

This virtual retreat is a curated healing and transformational wellness online course + live interactive sessions where you can be anywhere in the world with the connection to the internet to participate from the comfort of your home. This at home virtual retreat consists of live zoom sessions, pre-recorded classes and course materials to go through in about 4-5 hours each day, enabling some flexibility to manage with your schedule to go through at your own pace. Even if you miss the live session you can always access it later. The virtual retreat allows us to connect live online, enjoy the sense of community, and have the accountability to get the most out of this unique wellness experience rather than just consuming the online course alone. We also have our private FB group page for more interaction, connectivity and ongoing support. And the great thing about this is that you can always revisit this virtual retreat over and over for a lifetime! Makes it a perfect option for those who can't travel and for someone who needs more flexibility.
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What's featured in this course...

  • Online Yoga Classes

  • Pranayama (Breathwork)

  • Sound Healing and Meditations

  • Energy Healing & Activations

  • Shamanic Healing and Rituals

  • Manifestation Class

  • Group Life Coaching session

  • Nutrition & Wellness Class

Bonus Gifts

When you enroll, you will be receiving these powerful value packed items for free at the completion of your course :)

  • Bonus #1

    7 Days to High Viber Lifestyle e-book when you complete your course!

  • Bonus #2

    Rapid Healing Manifestation subliminal message sound meditation audio mp3.

  • Bonus #3

    Reiki infused ascension light body activation meditation specially enhanced audio mp3.

The next Live Virtual Retreat starts January 14th, 2022

Friday evening + weekend virtual live immersion

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Online Course + Live Virtual Sessions

Attend upcoming available Live Zoom sessions of the month + access video content for life.

3 Day Virtual Retreat Flow

  • Day 1

    Starting your day following your module step by step. You will be given a workbook PDF, other downloadable materials and assignments for the day. Then join us to a Zoom Live opening ceremony featuring, live music performance, Hawaiian Ho' Oponopono ritual, intention setting, and guided meditation. (You'll get to choose which day to attend from each scheduled sessions for the month you are registering. Video will be available once the Live Stream complete.

  • Day 2

    Starting your day with a morning ritual. Follow your module step by step with assignments for the day, yoga classes, breathwork and meditation classes, and Zoom Live group workshop and healing sessions.

  • Day 3

    Starting your day with a morning ritual. Follow your module step by step with assignments for the day, yoga classes, Zoom Live group workshop featuring shamanic journeying, sound bath meditation and group coaching and healing sessions.


Course Instructor & Retreat Facilitator

Naseem Murakami

Originally from Japan, Naseem has been a professional singer-songwriter, producer and a life long musician working with some of the top music industry professionals. Later in her journey pursuing success in her music career, a tragic circumstance with two near death experiences has placed her on a completely different path. Naseem have heard her calling as an empath and a healer. She took a deep dive into her own healing process addressing of her childhood trauma, clearing her ancestral wounds, and transformed her health, body, and mind. ​ Today, her mission is to help and inspire others to heal themselves, opening up the portal of abundance and being in the alignment with their life purpose to live a more fulfilling lives. Over the years, Naseem has been actively hosting many healing events and workshops all over Southern California. She have co- founded Healing Sound Alchemy, OC Ecstatic Dance and enjoys holding space for the communities. She recently launched transformational retreats where she hope to reach more people creating positive impact while she travels around the world.

Featured Instructors

Yoga Instructor

Matt Mirshafiee

Matt is a devoted yoga instructor and a practitioner who's experienced in teaching Vinyasa Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Restorative Vinyasa, Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, Sculpt Yoga, Guided Meditation. ​ He's been actively teaching his yoga class in Southern California, co-facilitated Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica, India and also facilitated Ecstatic Dance in Orange County, CA. Matt continuously invests his time into self study; expanding his knowledge of the yoga practice and human body through reading and attending various styles of fitness based movement, workshops, and classes. Matt presents his class with a unique combination of meditation, pranayama and vinyasa yoga that will connect each practitioners with their current state of being; physically, mentally and energetically. Through each practice, he guide his students to cultivate balance and use their body with utmost efficiency . ​ He currently teaches a weekly private classes for an elderly community, Irvine Unified School District and host a weekly online live cyber yoga classes via Zoom. Check out his YouTube channel “The Yoga Matt” with free 10 minute yoga classes.

Yoga Instructor

Deyanira Almanza

Originally from Colombia, Deyanira has completed her 220hr international teacher training program certification in Kundalini Yoga at the Kundalini Research Institutes in Bogota,Colombia. Dayanira aims to share the power and all the benefits of this yogic practice; “Kundalini Yoga is meditation through the movement” She currently resides in Los Angeles and she has recently became certified in sound healing.

Lightbody Activation & Meditation Workshop Facilitator

Mark Pancis

Conscious Entrepreneur Mark Pancis has been facilitating ceremonies, workshops, and working with the sacred plant medicine to assist people with their healing and transformational journey. His passion is to remind us all who we truly are by delivering the message of love and light. He works with an ancient wisdom, practical techniques and medical plants to release suppressed energy, emotions to transform into light and to connect with the source. To learn more about Mark and his mission please visit his site www.MarkPancis.com


K.W. Conway, UT

"What I just experienced is beyond my scope of words at this moment…Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Thank you. You are divinely connected."

Lorelie Calima, CA

"I attended Naseem's Elemental Ecstasis Retreat exactly a month before the Stay at Home order was implemented in CA. The healing and lessons I learned from the Retreat was instrumental in me feeling unfazed with the chaos going on around us. The sound healing I received made me more receptive to the idea that we are all divinely supported and guided in all ways and always. The combination of the tuning fork set to the frequency of love and rain maker instrument shattered whatever resistance I had to be more receptive to Divine Energy and Abundance. As a result, we are more aligned with Spirit and life has become more beautiful. Thank you, Naseem for allowing yourself to be a unique emanation of the Divine."

Stephen Marofsky, CA

"I highly recommend Infinite Love Heals! Naseem is incredible. I went to her Full Moon Sound Bath Meditation and gathering in March. It featured Brazilian quartz crystal singing bowls, healing and activating Reiki transmissions. She is immensely talented, her voice is angelic and overall it was one of the most amazing and meaningful experiences I have had in a long time! It really rocked my world! Five stars."


  • I live outside the United States. When will be the Zoom live classes take place?

    The Zoom Live sessions will be broadcasted based on U.S Pacific Standard Time. If the scheduled live sessions do not work with your time zone you can access replay at your convenient time once the streaming is over and video will be uploaded. We also have a private FB group where you can communicate and ask questions via messenger.

  • How long should I expect healing and getting the result that I'm expecting?

    Every person requires unique process and time needed to integrate for healing and see changes. Also your openness and resistance to receive or letting go can play a major factor. Please keep in mind that everything presented in this course isn't meant to replace your professional medical advice, treatments and ultimately you are responsible for making any decisions about your health. Be open minded to learn and apply what resonates with you. If for any reason this is not for you upon reviewing the course content when it becomes available, you may ask for a full refund before starting your course.

  • When exactly I should start the course and when are the Live classes are happening during this virtual retreat?

    Once the course becomes available, you can access the course content anytime except the live zoom meeting you will be given an option to choose the date to participate. Generally it is best to block 3 days dedicated to go through step by step as recommended from morning until evening.